Masterchef is too easy! 

Cooking with toddlers


I’ve decided that Masterchef is too easy. Next year the contestants need a real challenge; cooking a family meal that will be eaten by toddlers and adults alike (containing at least 3 of the 5 a day) whilst said children are both moaning at you to be quicker and clamouring for your attention at the same time. They will be racing against the clock before the moaning turns into full blown tears (oops too late!), whilst the children will also be racing to see just how many breadsticks they can get through before the meal is served. They then of course will not eat the meal because they are already full! 

Whoever finds cooking relaxing clearly doesn’t do it with two hungry children, one of whom is using your legs to learn to stand, whilst the other tries to ‘help’ chop the vegetables! 

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