The importance of kids’ music in church

Two weeks ago we learnt a new children’s song at church. My toddler has been continually asking me to either sing it, listen to it (YouTube is great!), or listen to him sing it, since then. I should be completely sick of it by now, but I’m not.


Because hearing my 3 year old singing truths about God is amazing. And not only is he learning about God, but he’s reminding me as well. It shouldn’t surprise me though, as I can still remember the songs I learnt when I was small. I can’t read certain Bible verses without wanting to burst into song. Music is such a great tool for learning, we need to make sure that the songs our children are singing are teaching them the right things. 

We also need to lose our fear of looking or sounding silly. Actions hugely help my son learn new songs,as does me singing loudly. He doesn’t care what mummy looks like or whether I’m out of tune. He just sees someone being enthusiastic about singing to God, and that is a great thing to model to our children and young people.